Craters of the Moon National Park

I had never really knew this park existed before about a week ago when I learned it was on our way to Sun Valley Idaho where our family reunion was going on. I was actually really shocked to learn that a. astronauts use it as a training ground for the actual moon and b. that there was that much volcanic activity in Idaho. When I think of volcanoes Yellowstone and Hawaii are what immediately pop into my head. I learned that the a hot spot had traveled across Idaho all the way to Yellowstone where it resides today. Driving into the park is like entering another world. If you drive the loop (which I highly recommend) you can see much of the park in about a half hour or so. I would have loved to go on some hikes but unfortunately we were just passing through so there wasn’t much time.
Craters of the moon

Craters of the moon

Craters of the moon


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